Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dragon And The Girl

Once there was a great Dragon, fierce and mean.

The flower child of God, glimpsed him

from the portal of the minds eye.

Of his fire, she was not afraid.

Scales she saw over his eyes, swords driven into his Heart.

And though his clever tact and heated breath melted the Steel

… still he carried the pieces of old, lodged in his own failing heart.

In the astral plane he spewed his acid, rendering her exposed to his

radar, ruling the heavens as he often did. She was present at that moment.

I tell you the truth, what she felt was a cool shower of stardust raining down on her body.

Then the craft left, flying off into the distance but he remained, hardened, however curious.

I don’t think he had ever before seen a flower… like this.

After that, the great Dragon hid in Mexico behind a shamans cross…

understanding he had been found… wanting to remain hidden in his solitude,

asleep on a bed of cactus needles, a gift from an old friend,

an imprint worn like a belt, holding together his armor.

For over a month she searched, scanning the far reaches of the Universe.

She could not see… only could she feel him beyond the screen, right in front of her nose.

“Hide… from me as if I were to harm or steal or slay this Great Soul?

My beloved, have you witnessed only counterfeit and the weak at heart?

Do you not recognize in me… your own soul, trying to be born new?”

The crushing silence caught like a splinter in her throat…

the stillness, a cry from his own soul.

So, with star spangled eyes she did patiently wait, for his return,

from behind the veil… so reverently pierced by that wooden cross in the Mexican desert.

He was preparing and so was she…a fire dance… brilliant and destructive,

tempered only by this great Love. Yes, a Great Love for a great Dragon… fallen and lost.

It’s true… You know it’s true.

The whole truth is, that she was lost too and badly wounded…sadly.

Amid the mighty stars the ancestors prepared a place for them to meet,

alone and for a time. A union, surrounded by this ancestral community,

they smiling down…subtly present… delighting in the laughter,

the best medicine, apparently.

While she napped in the garden, he sat under the grapevine… silently.

Powerful exchange and the dream broke, unraveling like a silken web,

torn apart buy the sting of time.

Their journeys continued, one in the north and one in the south seemingly separated

but for the core that held them together as a whole… twin flames,

one but a reflection of the other. A constant dance unrefined…

liberated through the knowing of one another, through the disclosure and angst…

miracles born of chaos, harmony springing from discord.

The ancients are delighted...


The cloud nation gifted a vision to the flower child of God.

*She tried to lift the Dragon up from the putrid sand that threatened to devour his body.

Rising to the first peak, she became weak for the burden was to heavy.

A return to Earth, she encased herself in a crystal casket and offered herself as food for his soul.

He did consume her, as she knew he would, and fearlessly she met her demise…

traveling into the acid chamber, the life she knew… fading as the crystal melted…

Pain in passing, she felt.

Simultaneously, the Condor, flying at great heights, witnessed the great Dragon convulse

and flail about… and then shift into a remarkable and magical desert lizard.

The world did pause at this transformation as the grateful lizard

walked into an oasis where a white lotus waited in the cool eternal waters.

Out from his mouth, the once fearsome Dragon released the girl,

naked and new onto the Queen of Flowers.

They looked upon each other… lovingly,

not having words or ideas, only the peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Condor shook in the sky, diving to meet it’s mate in midair… talons tangled,

bodies spun into One…freefalling with a new dream of Hope for this troubled world.*