Monday, July 4, 2011

No Choice

He takes a minute to lie on the floor beside me.

I doodle his back and run my fingers through his black hair.

I know he feels how much I love him. I know he does…

And I can’t help but contemplate that moment when he realizes,

I have caught him in an unyielding grasp for a new day.

And I can only pray he remembers that my hands have grasped his

and my eyes have found his beautiful soul many times before.

Always the Sun rose brighter and his wings grew bigger and stronger.

Still, my heart aches for that moment, that first second when he will doubt me…

when for a moment all trust will be suspended.

And I feel that sword in my own heart and then I release it, the pain of it…

because the pain is his.

I merely open a doorway to the truth of it, to the acknowledgement of it.

I know that feeling of loneliness and confusion. That feeling of wondering

where the path is and finding gratitude for that next safe place to rest.

He has come to my door and I have been able to give enough.

And I find a strange irony that the proverbial ‘rock’ is actually a rolling stone,

having grown wings too. I think perhaps in this rapidly changing world,

that is the greatest gift I have to offer them, trusting the current,

moving with and through the changes, having the ability to be flexible and to adapt,

the ability to be kind and open, to see all mankind as our divine family.

So, I watch him breathe… resting and I know he is Love

and that he forgives like he loves, just so very naturally.

I know one day he will understand

that my conscience gave me no choice

because Love is sure.