Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not Insane

Hey. Yeah so. This particular post is to assure you that I am not insane.

(but I can not help to find just a wee bit of humor in all of this)

I have not, as the psycho babble might frame things, “spilt off my personality” due to sever stress or abuse. No, I am quite aware of my dark side which wants to see justice served.

Although I’d rather see the ole proverbial ‘head brought in on a platter’ rather than Pontius Pilate's OCD (you know the clean hands syndrome). Revenge? ME? Naaah!

Call it Karma. And I do not need to witness it. Nope, I trust that process too.

Do not be alarmed about my application for a concealed weapons permit, it is a privilege granted to law abiding Americans. Besides I haven’t received it yet. And so what if I forgot I had a clip in my purse in those early days in March. So it did set off the Court house security. I was detained. Until someone figured out that it did not meet the element of a crime. I am a quick learner. So now, I check my purse thoroughly, removing all knives etc that may be construed as a potential threat to my fellow Americans.

The consumption of the scorpion complete with its stinger was a beautiful ceremony. I took a calculated risk… I realize that, but if not me… than who?

This entity, Suzette, has been ‘a sweet little goody two shoes’ for too Da®n long!

Time to come out of the closet and exercise the mother nature medicine I apparently came in with. Narcissism, no… I don’t think so. That’s the problem with you profilers. You must modify the program to allow for placement on a continuum… a scale of sorts. Narcissism is on the down low where as self love is oh so God given.

The mean ( in reference to the curve) is ‘normal’, ONLY in that it is popular as in seen ‘frequently’ in the masses(no pun intended). Sorry about that Father Vincent.

What is skewed is often considered… how shall I say?…OH come on! Think about our history!!!

All the greats were skewed. The Einstein’s, the Janice Joplin’s, the Franklins…”Hum! What if?... Yes, I think I might just fly my new kite in this lightning storm. If any one asks I’ll just tell them it’s an experiment! Ha Ha Ha” (he could always laugh at him self). Yes, we meet frequently in a Napoleon Hill type of astral round table setting.

They are on my team with many other greats. And yes, I admit I do hear their voices but rest assured Tis not the problematic psychosis of a paranoid skitsofrantic (continuum program allowance here- nice job boys!) rather it is the medicine of the great Elephants, most clairaudients have been blessed with a trunk full of it.

No Note to self- check to see if there is Chapter 90 Evidence Code that would be an ace up the sleeve so to speak, at the final hearing… should be somewhere around 90.403, 90.404…

· O OH PLEASE1 Who do you think you are fooling? You actually think you may pull this off on your own? Ha ! that’s a good one!

· t Enough of that. It’s just the old program talking! Don’t give it any consideration. Remember it is not about winning. It is consciously going through the process. That is all that is required of you. And look, your having much joy on temporary leave from the trenches.

Yeah! And what’s with all this military terminology? Let me guess, past lives?

Listen I will not entertain this argument. It is a sacred space, this control center.

Take it to the alleyway, you old killjoy, there you find comrades in your self proclaimed war. I shall be singing the “Nickel Song” till I pass the bar. Yes, the bar is my entry into my highest destiny. There are spirits that harm and spirits that help…and multiple choices in our endeavor to conquer logic. But logic is a mere spring board to the integration of left and right. If we truly what to be independent we must pass through this fight. So.