Saturday, July 2, 2011

The March

She calls to her finest solder, the Lady in white,

“Please, you must find the Marchman,

we’ll need him for this fight.”

Riding through thunder and splashing through rain,

she lays her sword down

on the cold window pane.

It is only the first stop on this circuitous quest.

Her passion to rescue the troops

brings out her personal best.

The journey continues as she gathers the seals,

trading them for the meetings

where the Truth she will deal.

Of the blessing she seeks, we are halfway there…

resting when we can and

laughing when we dare.

See, the Marchman will hold the sun on his vest,

carrying it carefully from

the East to the West.

Facing the sick spirits, he has no fear,

remembering the costly battles

of so many held dear.

Through the dark valley and over the ridge,

he will lead you safely

to a place beyond the bridge.

There you will find all the help that you need,

the tools and the mentors

to complete this noble deed.

Return to me when it has all been done.

The battles will have been fought

and the war finally won.