Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ambrosial Moments

" Boy,.. ? "

Why call out? There is no longer a doorway... It's closed now.
Left only to visit are murky reflections that haunt...
What's behind the eyes? It's the inner doorway i am being oriented to.
I linger in the passageway,..
the soft purrs at my cheek keeping me a bit longer.
Here on the surface, my minds reprieve...

" Go In..." What's inside beckons me once again.

I stepped through yesterday, for a moment...
I was in a line of cars, engines whining, combusting,..
colored lights,.. signals,.. agendas,... directing.
Then in a twinkling i went to a place where nothing matters.

I was in this quiet Infinite Space,... at Peace.

Then an old lady driving in front of me pulled slightly over
and stood with her Dog in the street.
I passed her carefully then looped back, concerned.
In a twinkling, she and her Dog were back in and driving away.

Maybe,.. I pondered, my moment of being the Infinite Space,
where nothing matters, .. rippled out to reach her
and her Dogs consciousness.
Perhaps for a moment they were there too,
arriving there as I left from there, to observe them...

And i thought,.. maybe we are most 'Current' when
immersed and united
in the Infinite Space, where nothing matters,..
where there is only Love.


  1. Wholly-Union Twinkling...
    Delicious And Divine.

    (That picture is so beautiful too. There are lines formed on the glass that look like a cross, with a lightening bolt as it's center ...definitely more than a twinkling...that is some Ambrosia!
    And you look pretty like Mary too.)


  2. ;-)
    Thanks Golden !
    (cross with a lightening bolt, Whoa!)

  3. I know Suzette, after I wrote that I was like,
    "Girl your over the top!" But then I said
    "Oh yeah, that's right, Sun in Scorpio...
    'POWERFUL' Medicine!" lol