Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2nine, nineteen63. Please, let's get the nine fixed on this thing?!

So Anyway.

At some point in the next 12 hours I'll be 46 years...

4 +6 =10 That's suppose to mean something, hahahah!!!

Well, every year I choose to bestow a gift upon myself,..
Yes , every year since college...

This year I am being fully 'aware' of my being a receiver,
you know,.. kinda like the cactus receives the energy from the sun
and channels it down into Mother Earth,..
an open Hearted receiver...
This year and here- now,..forever after,.. hopefully,...'Aware'...

God,.. grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,...

..."the Courage to change the things I can..

and the Wisdom to know the difference..."


  1. Happy Birthday, Precious Suzette!
    May all your receptors be at a perfect 10!

    Love and delightful wishes!

  2. Look how Beautiful you are Sistor, a Perfct 10!
    You are "Precious" a gift of Divine Love and we are soooo grateful you walk the Earth!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  3. Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes,
    I peeked at your Planets
    and the vibes they pulse to,
    many in rich intense Scorpio,
    swirl in a dreamy sweet Piscean Moon...
    add lots of brilliant Fire,
    Earth and Air woven through,
    it's easy to see how rare it is to be
    as deeply feeling, strong and sensitive
    (not to mention miraculously psychic),
    healing, loyal, brave, creative...
    soulful and adventuresome too!
    A mind that's holographic bright,
    insightful, agile & quick!
    Your Heart, nothing quite like it,
    straight up and true,
    no doubt few on the planet are as
    DEEEEEEPLY loving as You!

    (For Birthday entertainment purposes only)


  4. OH How SWEET!!!
    Thank You....

  5. Your welcome, in-joy... Birthday Girl!