Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gentle Readers,

Well after spending a full day and a night with my Shadow,
I guess I have a few corrections to make.

Shadow has (in it's not so subtle way) enlightened me to
my , let me see how did she put it?,... Oh Yes, My '"Bliss Bubble,..
Light is so right,.. Pollyanna perfect side" AND has accurately stated
that level of denial shares office space with "The Liar"...

I foolishly ASSumed that the 'The Liar' was Shadows inheritance
but I wobble graciously corrected.
Apparently, 'the liar' aka 'Pollyanna' is a feature of Convenience
and that program can be borrowed and installed by Suzette
any ole time.

I was reminded ,EXPERIENTIALLY, last night that. in fact,
I DO NOT in my darkest hours ALWAYS
"feel the Golden Light as a hand on my shoulder or
a kiss on top of my head.",... Hhhhh....

"Is that good enough?"
"Fine I'll continue..."
Apparently, Shadow popped out shortly after my writing the last post
to "hold out a steady hand " to me so that I,.. sorry,..WE could walk in Truth.

Accordingly, I have been realigned and now realize that
The Golden Light and The Shadow
are NEUTRAL when I can resist coloring them
with my fanciful, dramatic ideas and stories.

In a consolatory moment Shadow agreed there is a place and time
for stories but warns the 'stories' are very powerful
and if left unchecked can be used to manipulate myself
and Humankind.

WE rightly agree,..."CUT",...I am aware that at this particular time
in the history of Humanity, it is imperative that we
examine our stories ( belief systems),
the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we tell others
and the ones we 'subscribe' to.

Note to self;
Scan for the unconscious ones as well.
Follow the feelings.
When we are elated or despondent
or numb we are NOT
in Neutral or at Peace.
Check the story, Suz.

Most important is not that we delight in stories
or resort to them but rather that we are able to recognize
when we are participating in one. Then we have a choice.
Then we can be Free.


  1. "I wobble graciously corrected"...too Funny!
    God knows I would rather chain smoke than feel some of the intense energy that comes up, but geeze that shadow is a wet blanket Suzette! Isn't the shadow the programming of this in the dark world? Okay, so Pollyanna may at times not be tuned into the subtle energetic nuances and dabble in poetic license now and again, but I feel she is closer to the truth of the 'children' of the Kingdom. If one ‘believes’ in the ability to perceive the Kingdom that is. It just doesn't jive with me that I commit to 'feeling' all the crap and then I have to be neutral? If that's the case, I'll go through that 'Actual' portal with or without mankind, they can stay behind and 'scan' and hang in the hood where it's fashionable to wear wounds that they think make them 'real'...I'll ride the jet fuel of energetic bliss and leave those ninny's behind, any ol'day because I KNOW God will be Elated to laugh with me and won't be a bit bothered by the fact I'm Laughing so hard I tinkle a little! <3

    At this point it's like 'What'ever! I subscribe to the fact that, the truth of our actual experience is sooooo way bigger than our goofy imaginations it would appear as Story to most of humankind anyway so it’s all good! lol

    Give that Pollyanna a kiss!

  2. Golden you are too funny!!!
    I am going to have to read you comment a few more times, me thinks!
    I don't want to miss any of it!!! ;-)
    Yes, Shadow can be a drag and certainly skewed just like Polly girl.
    Just seems to be( the skewing) in different directions. Honestly if I have to pick one, Yeah 7 out of 8 times I'd pick dear Pollyanna.
    I hear you, Golden, " it just doesn't jive with me that I commit to 'feeling' all the crap and then I have to be neutral?"
    I think it is as MB writes about once we 'feel' the stuff,
    without condition, and achieve integration we no longer have an emotional 'charge' of negative or positive. We simply are at Peace in Neutral, just is. I have realized my Pollyanna outlook was just that a way to 'look out' for circumstance that was perceived as uncomfortable or scary. She is so gifted at seeing with optimism and has led me to and through delicious fantasy. She has helped me cope for a long time. God I love her! I realized that I was making unfair judgements about the Shadow, pinning it to my comfortable bite sized story line.
    In Truth, I have learned more from the Shadow. It's like really great compost and when I am anchored in the Sacred Heart I can 'see' with new eyes the gifts and growth that a dance with Shadow brings.

    Most things being relative and shaped by perspective, how can it serve us to write things in stone? Ha ha ha I actually do write things on stones. God, It can't be easy to be my friend. Ha Ha Ha
    Anyway, This moment will reveal what is required for our growth.
    I want to stop manipulating that divine wisdom.(ex. pop in Pollyanna personality)
    I am so happy, (moving toward neutral ;-), this moment leads us into this sharing of feelings and life experience.
    I really do appreciate that!
    Yes, It is all good.

    Ps. I love, " God will be Elated to laugh with me and won't be a bit bothered by the fact that I am Laughing so hard that I tinkle a little!<3"
    Your Great!

  3. Funny! I get the little convenient Polly pocket for sure. Yeah, In terms of 'neutral' meaning being at peace in any 'circumstance' as people and places and stuff are moved around in our experience like in a play to show our insides, stuff that we require seeing whether they represent a 'story' that has been 'programmed' into us that keeps happening over and over or we meet other aspects of ourselves to perceive our miraculous capabilities who share what is required for our personal path and we're like oh cool... But if what Michael truly means is that we no longer have an emotional 'charge' of negative or 'positive' then there is just no way I can buy into that, in this moment from my experience a Buddha Belly. I laugh my ass off thinking of all the ways being in neutral is not only sooooo boring but just like a car you ain't moving...but hey what do I know? Neutral may just be the key to 'nowhere' lol! I will ask, I hold all those questions sacred in my heart. And Um ya know...
    there are things God has charged us to write on the tablet of our heart, and if I am correct back in the day, they were etched in stone lol.

    Love ya Sistor in neutral or "CHARGE!!!!!!"

  4. Well, I don't want to be a horses ass so I will get it directly from the horses mouth. I will ask Mr. Brown on Q and A what is his humble opinion of the 'deal'.

    Love you too,

    All in the Spirit of Love...

  5. Being stamped with the vibes a Double Sag, half horse half man...and Big Daddy Jupiter being sooo expansive...I am well aquainted with behaving like a horses ass, BIG time!

    'ALL' is the Spirit of Love huh?

    Yeah Baby! xo

  6. Ohhh Golden, WE are abreast of the Way!
    We feel it all unconditionally and at the same time
    feel the Peace (what I sometimes refer to as neutral)
    that permeates All. Like what MB was talking about
    on Naked ' The Bridge' that place of awareness where nothing of this
    Earth life experience can effect Who and What we really are.