Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tell me about the New World...

Ok,.. settle into your center...
The New World must be felt first,...
be real still...

I can feel the silence,.. and the sound vibration within it...

I can feel you reading this,.. Hi there.

You can feel me too,.. Yes,.. this moment you can feel me, my spirit.

The New World enables us to be connected at any time, from any place.
In this New World, vibration is a resource we are conscious of.

We have known it before as Empathy.
It is the ability to realize internally, what and how someone else is feeling in any moment.

I feel at peace now and truly honored to be having this conversation with you.
Can you read that? Can you feel the Truth of it?

The apparent time difference of my writing and you Now reading is inconsequential.

Nothing is lacking. We are connected. That is the intention.
This is the Truth.

So I am not alone nor are you, this moment,.. we are vibrationally together.

That makes me smile.

I want you to know how very precious you are.
I want to thank you for being here now in this vibrational space ,.. with me.

This is Love


  1. As empathy?! Ooo! Cool- never knew it like that. YEAH! Giving thanks for you, Suzette, especially for your being in that space!

  2. Wherever two or three gather in my name and light,
    in my experience of the vibrating, shining cosmos-
    then the "I Am' is already there, around, amoung, and inside them.
    -Aramaic Mathew 18:20

    Amen Suzette! Empathy paves the way, thank you so for remembering us to embody empathy in and for ourselves...
    to then p'our' forth for all.
    Faith is a place within that space.

    Thanks for all you give <3~*~*~*

  3. Suze-Q, you have inspired a new prayer!

    "May our outer space reflect our infinite inner...ONE"

    And boy am I prayin' it! ;)