Friday, November 6, 2009

The Art of Making Fire

He taught us how to make fire,..

two pieces of wood rubbed together,..

falling apart into sawdust,

friction,... some heat generated.

The dust turns dark, then a tiny bit of smoke,

a sure sign something is happening.

He carefully takes the smoking sawdust coal

places it gently in the middle of soft kindling.

Then I watched him with great attention

give his own loving breath

to grow the flame.


  1. Wow, so comforting to see how it's the falling apart into sawdust that prepares it for the loving breath...just like us so God can ignite
    the fire in our heart huh?

    You got some cool peeps in your hood!

  2. You got it , Golden!...
    It's just like that , huh?
    tee hee :-)

  3. Yeah, ZGirl, and when you consider that our Inner Sun is a thousand times brighter than our Earth Sun, ya gotta figure it takes quite alot of sawdust! God, I better get rubbin'!<3~*~*~*