Friday, November 13, 2009

The Golden Light

Once there was a Golden Light...

The first time I met it, I was very small.
It tickled my nose and made me sneeze.
I laughed at its playfulness.
It became my friend.
Yes, the Golden Light warmed my back
and lightened my mind.
It stood beside me through everything.
It even introduced me to my Shadow.

I remember that day of becoming aware of my Shadow.
"It is a blessed part of this Earth Walk." said the Light.
"When you look at and feel your Shadow you must shine our
Love and Compassion toward and through it.
You must be open to receiving the teaching of the Shadow.
It will show you where you are blocked and stuck.
Then and only then can you make a conscious choice
to accept the Shadows darkness,
love it especially and allow it to be,..
allow it to be..."

The Golden Light, I have come to feel,
even in my darkest hours,
as a hand on my shoulder or a kiss
on top of my head.
It steadies my spirit in turbulent seas.
It, again and again, illuminates my true path.
It points to my Shadow when I am lost and confused.
Then I remember to hold up a moment, to embrace it,
my precious little Shadow.
Ha Ha, Yeah, sometimes I have to pick it up
dust it off and take it by the hand,
consciously with me, along the sacred path of Life.
I have come to realize THIS is being 'Whole',
accepting and loving my Shadow too.
You know, lately it just keeps changing,
evolving, I guess, in its own way.
I don't see it as much these days
but I am now always ready, when it appears,
to hold out a steady hand,
so that together,
we can walk in balance,
the beauty way.

The Golden Light within, helped me to see,
one of the greatest gifts of walking in balance
is that now I am able to accept the sacred purpose
of the Shadow in others, my brothers and sisters.
Thus, I now feel and know in my Heart,
the divine alchemy
that can only be realized,
after a conscious walk
with the Shadow.


  1. This is really beautiful Suzette, like the black spots of the leopard are a sacred gift, and those that reflect our darkness back to us, show us where the chains are holding us back and they set us free from another round on the Karmic wheel. Our friend AlphiO' says this about the shadow "I say they are only weaker brethren who do grope without a beacon. Pray for them, beloved. Think well instead of evil of them. Soon do they feel our helpful vibrations and start upward toward awareness of self and of us. There are no evildoers! There are only those whose eyes cannot look into the heart of love that is eternal because they are not strong enough..."

    Yeah, the Golden light is our beacon, the black spots our teachings that strengthen us.
    (as my teeth chatter and I would rather die than feel my shadow, I will remember the golden light on the other side!)

    Amen Suzette!

  2. Golden,
    Thank you for being YOU and so helping to inspire me
    as I journey onward and inward. I can feel your Beauty
    and the Love that you give.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. You inspire me Suzette, as you share your growth along our path Home, and I am comforted to hear that you 'feel' me, that my Love vibes still pulse a signal, even though in my lack of righteous will and consistency, my growth is stunted.
    Thank you.

    This Flower requires 'Miracle Grow!'