Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got a minute?

Nice to see you, friend.
But 'How' do I see you?
Ah, there is the rub...
Indeed, how I see you is more about
how fully I have realized Love
and the boundlessness of existence.
We look for one unifying truth.
Well, that's probably it,
Love and the boundlessness of it's existence.

However, what I have experienced has truly been
influenced by where I am standing in the moment.
And being what I am( this time around), ya know, that changes.
So, it seems there is another operating truth.
It has everything to do with our experiences
in this physical life and how we interpret them,..
how we feel them.

When I stand next to the beautiful yellow flowers and look up
I see a great tree. I become drawn upward by the bark
and inward through the cracks.
I feel the strength of being anchored to the Earth
and feel, even in my vertebrae, the movement up the trunk
as I burst into branches adorned with life giving leaves.

Now being the Tree, I look down at some yellow flowers
and their radiant display smiling up at me.
I admire their beauty and ponder their humility.
I, the Tree, become enamored and united with the flowers.
We are both humble and grand, anchored in the physical,
yet united in the conscious experience of the Eternal.

I realize,.. 'What is' in this moment...
And THAT, in the context of this Earth life, changes.
In the context of what unifies us eternally,
the Gift is always present in this moment, unchanging,
a bridge across two realities.


  1. Oh the sweet bee breath of Amphibious articulation... all the changing colored hues emptying into white the light that births All!

    Write on Beautiful Suzette!

  2. Love that Golden hue and the boundlessness of that articulation.

  3. Yeahya! Ooo bridging realities- woot!!!

    That Green Guy looks like he's about to give kisses :D

  4. Listen Girls, that Green Guy can surely kiss!
    The thing is, ya got to lock on before he starts to turn Orange.
    And ya know, he's a wanderer so don't get attached.
    Hey, some mushroom tea and lemon cookies later?

  5. Lemon!!!!!!?????? I am a Lemon Lover!!!!! Pucker up, sweets...
    Lizard Lovers are all about transformation...
    when the 'head' of my lizard necklace fell off, I knew I would begin to see with the eyes of my heart...I am even growing a newer truer tale!

    (I feel Lizards must be French, they are not as good at smooching in English, but ooo la la,
    they can speak in tongues! lol)

    :D xoxoxo

  6. Haha! Count me in! Lemon cookies in tongues?
    'Tis Lovely to Lock Lips with the Lemony Wizard, o' Green Lizard!