Monday, May 31, 2010

Top 10 ways to prepare your Temple

1.) Sing even if you think you can't.

2.) Personalize your glass of drinking water.
Infuse it with what empowers you.
For example, set it in the Sun, drum or play music to it,
giving it a vibrational flavor that further nourishes you.
Project the felt experience of a powerful positive memory into it...etc.

3.)Feel the uncomfortable, like mud between your toes, realizing it can be washed away.

4.)When your with someone you love, Be with them with all your Heart/ Body and Soul.
You just never know when it will be the last time.

5.) Do some cross-dressing ( dress/ act/ feel like the other sex),
especially if you are repulsed by the idea.
After all, we are physically made from a man and a woman,
We are both (physically/emotionally and mentally).
We may not have realized it yet.
Once this is realized we can experience what it feels like to be whole.
Gender is like eye color or skin color, a unifying Force rests beneath the surface.

6.)Remember a time that was extraordinary. Re-play it.
Then re-play it in terms of the feelings that were present.
Allow your self to receive that feeling again.

7.)Very quickly list all the senses of the body.
The first and last one on the list or the one you leave out
may be the one that will assist you moving inward.
All the senses are portals into deeper awareness.
This is where mindfulness( in Buddhist teachings) is so helpful
in anchoring in the Sacred Body.

8.)Look up 'Love' in the dictionary.
There are so many meanings for that word.
Examine what Love means to you.
Notice the feelings and where they are in the body as you consider Love.
When you settle on True Love ( you know this because
the feeling of Peace will pervade), allow It.
You are Now in the Current. Congratulations!

(.9 Notice how you are breathing. Then put your hand over your Heart and feel the beats,
imagine them pushing life blood and air through that beautiful body of yours. Practice appreciating your Self.

10.)When you can be still and feel Love for your Self,
welcome the other soul, who has loved you for so long,
to come close and share this most sacred moment.
This is Heaven in the midst of chaos. It is our birthright and our Garden.