Saturday, May 8, 2010


Green Lights... Green Flames...GO for it!

Burning one years worth of class notes... Tonight the Fire is well fed.

The fire swan appears... a reminder of our connection to both Earth and Sky.

Like a breeze so refreshing,
you fill a space like a most perfect enchanting fragrance...
meant to heal... brilliant in every way.
I am so honored to have been gifted stewardship of your awesome being.
I have watched you from the time you were little move with a natural grace,
uplifting all who come upon your radiance.
And I am impressed by your desire and choice to 'unplug from the program',
to begin wholeheartedly at the University of Life Experience...
You courageously walk toward the unknown forging your own path...
You will follow your Heart and I trust that.
With the dismay of many and the applause of others you honor your conviction to
follow and dance to the beat of your own drum...
You have waited patiently to change course, being supported by your own
integrity and passion.
You are a child of the Earth and Sky. They will always keep you in their eternal Love,
this I know...
So child of mine ... Fly Free!