Sunday, May 30, 2010

11 Hours, our paths cross again

Rebekah and I set out to meet Heather up the road to lead her to the house.

I woke early and found a Great Spirit in the bath room.
It was at least as big as the palm of the hand.

Messages received.

Misty morning full of magic.

Greeting the Sun...

As Heather and I walked by, our attention was simultaneously
drawn into the thunderous sound.
The horses were galloping straight at us powerfully and at great speed.
Then just as suddenly there was stillness and silence.
We all stood face to face for a while.
The messages were vibrationally understood. Gifts received.

Afterwards a return to morning meditation.

A few last words...

Heather finds fluffy flower to fan face with.

She meets my new friend...

Here she is laughing yellow and orange. Gosh they do look alike!

Then finally I was captivated by this grand web.
It had a strong grandmother energy.
All the strands held tiny droplets of water that looked like pearls.
It was the most beautiful peace of jewelry I had ever witnessed.
I sat mesmerized in the delicate design.
The portal at the center felt like a sacred heart.