Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I took a break from my work to help Bekah document research for her first paper at the University. The assignment was to interview someone with a tattoo and write a five page paper about it. The great thing about living in community is that the inhabitants get really excited about new projects... as you will see in the "Tattoos Ta Boot" moment at the shop.

I left a community of women and landed North on a porch with 4 gentlemen.
Funny... I sit here and observe the conversations...stories about running out of gas, barely rolling into the station, spending the night at the pumps and hoping the owner will open on Sunday. Or the story about finding, in a serendipitous way, the very part that broke on the car. Yes, who would believe there would be an abandoned 76 Pontiac in the open field the car broke down next to?

As I listen to these stories, I realize help and hope runs through all of our lives if we are
curious enough to watch for it and courageous enough to believe it and receive it when it shows up.

I miss the ladies but the boys have their own brand of teachings, just as valuable and just as entertaining. Oh and a new chair has been pulled up at the porch. At 19 years of age, Rebekah's courageous trip across the United States of America(solo), to swim in the Pacific Ocean has earned her an honored place here with the boys. Bek, you were determined to drive through several deserts. I knew you had to do it. I could hear it in your voice. Something in you
was liberated during that process. Miles and miles of solitude and emptiness
somehow put your tank back on full.
Strange and perfect.

Ps. The Seven wild horses are harnessed and are no longer
running around wild inside my head.