Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tune In, Tune Up ...or Tune Out

Had a two hour melt down in the Space Train. So the wires got crossed and I lost it.
It rained hard... Yeah, We needed that.

Cat doing his usual. Spends hot days in Rocky's air conditioned trailer, seeks out
the girls at night. I think it's called 'Fair Weather Feline'.

Bek changed her own spark plugs. I thought it would motivate her to appreciate the University
more... Well, anyway she finished her first week and has created quite a few designs for surfboards during the lectures. Apparently, she can multi-task.

No knuckle busting today. She actually has talent. Got it all done plugs wires rotor and cap.
While she napped I changed to oil and filter. It had a star spangled hue and I was honored...
O' that's just bull shit! I was thinking one day I want to be finished with the 'do it your self thing'. Maybe... I have mixed feelings about it.

Rebekah made a coconut cake last night and I COOKED pasta salad loaded with garlic to celebrate a car that is purring.

Well, I have a surprise for her, front brake pads. Next weekend. I don't want to over do it.
Ration the joy!