Friday, August 26, 2011

The Darkest Hour

In the darkest hour, I see me.

I see what has been.


One foretelling night there was a profound darkness

beneath a southern sky.

So still was the air and thick with the silence

that has forever swallowed the truth.

"Wow, can you feel that?" I asked my friend.

"Yeah," was the sobering reply.

Shoulder to shoulder a moment was shared, a horrible moment.

Hard to explain and why would I try?

Because, that darkest hour held a glimpse of the future.

And it is now upon us.

I should be afraid but that was not the message.

The message was to walk courageously through,

trusting the inner light to sustain, to act and to tell the truth.

There are many who will keep the silence

and many more who talk way too much.

As I prepare for the dawn, the divine law promises me...

I witness my own disassembly then a divine defragmentation.

All the constructs that had kept me safe and enabled me to

bear time are in ruins. I step over this wreckage...

I feel a small heartache in passing.

I know somewhere ahead they are waiting for me to carry the dawn in my renewed heart... to them.

So I do not look back.

I stand at ease in this moment knowing I will be funded the strength to meet the challen