Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Human Heart

It was Lina’s idea to have a Peasant Night with bean soup and stale crusty bread.

Heather spun the event into our reality… something very solemn and powerful in it.

Who would have known? Who would have known?

So many hello’s and good bye’s … god byes and hell oh’s…

Like night followed by day, we don’t consider it a problem anymore…

Nope, just a cycle in its pitch and sway. So. We play, we pray and we laugh, feeling a

sprinkle of sadness as sisters prepare to begin schools hundreds of miles apart.

We talk about Life and Love and Trust in Septembers Judgment…

Understanding that God gives us exactly what is required to grow us well and strong.

We as women are about uniting and unifying … time and distance is but a crickets song meant to be noticed, then transcended.

You see, this Love has no rule, no jurisdiction…

This Love is deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky.

This Love is colorful messages hidden under the pillow case.

This Love is a blue handmade surfboard sticking out of a red mustang convertible.

It’s a white dog to bring joy. It’s our separations and our reunions…

It is the dogs offering of their poof chair to be our bed, a place for sisters to nest and brother to rest… once upon a time.

Love is so apparent, may it always be so…

May the ineffable Spirit become apparent to All of Mankind.

May we graciously accept the gift of God’s Touch, of God’s natural inhabitance in

the Human Heart.