Tuesday, August 9, 2011


"Jivan Mukta, MEET me", he commands.

But I'm not ready, quite yet... Look, see the flowers?
Come smell, they're so beautiful and Justice bites like the sting
of that damn wasp! But I laugh cause it's Life , this pain in the ass.
And the armadillos are... well, they're coming around.
Cayenne makes an impression and the tent site is now secure,
for me to be with crickets in the dark and rustling leaves
and night completes it's mission, the soil holding me close
and i rest... pulling me in like a grandmothers soft bosom, pillowy and safe.
I soak it up, my beginnings... to carry with me toward the 15 th Circuit.
Friend or foe, I do not know but of Destiny... I am sure.