Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Unraveling

Unraveling, spinning, spinning …still

Where she stops is on the side of Gods Will.

Curtains are drawn, a prayer to be said,

fantasies spoken off the top of the head.

Where is your emotion when you record?

Dictates from the cerebellum, we can no longer afford.

Tracking time... “Oh don’t be a fool!”

It only exists as a matter of rule.

So of your endeavors you ask, “What shall it be?”

“Listening,” She recalls, “even the blind shall see.”

So we stop the entrainment coming from the house,

the T V, the cockroaches, the computer and it’s mouse.

We feel ourselves slammed into an old wooden chair,

Staring with wonder at the old devils lair.

Panting and writhing from the ubiquitous plot...

Entered into a war where tactics are taught.

So we mindlessly maneuver, until we see what’s at stake

The Spirit usurped, our grand ego is on the take.

Gradually dismissing the historical lies,

we gain Liberation by cutting the ties.

Discovery is about the Truth of the day.

The emptiest moments hold, what God has to say.

So don’t grieve the unraveling, rather rejoice.

The “Kingdom come” is really our choice.