Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Notes To Self

Top 10 Mental Notes to Self…

1.) Do not eat spicy foods the night before a Court hearing.

2.) Try not to piss off the Judge.

3.) Pro Se (s) have an invisible version of the ‘Scarlet Letter’ applied to them.

4.) Know what’s in your purse before you go through security.

5.) Never ride in the elevator box when you have a choice to ascend one step at a time.

6) Realize the Judge is human before becomes impartial.

7.) There are cameras in every Courthouse room, don’t pick your nose.

8.) Don’t appear too confident or too insecure, just rest in neutral.

9.) To win or to lose is obsolete. Due process will reveal what is required.

10.) The truth is… at the end of the day, the Judge takes orders from his wife.