Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduating In Class 2011

I’ll never forget the feeling I had a Laurel Oaks, years ago, when I went to hug you and I realized that I had to look and reach upward to do that. It was like over night you grew a foot.

I sit now and wonder how I am going to capture in words the awesome feeling it is to know you and to have shared life with you. Your Spirit… well, I have never seen or felt anything like it.

I remember in eighth grade you said after school, “Mom, how come so many people are so closed? How can they ever expect to change when they are like that?”

It was then I saw you realize how very different you are naturally living with an open heart. I really did not have to teach you to be kind, honest, open or fair.

That is who you are. Instead what I had to teach you was about healthy boundaries,

how to observe and watch for patterns in others and in yourself, how to be still long enough to listen to you accurate intuitions and, as a last resort, how to fight to defend.


Yes, you are an amazing man, very rare indeed.

I just will remind you not to follow a leader because YOU are the leader.

Resource other great souls who excel spiritually, intellectually and materially

And see what of their methods will work for you. Let go of the rest.

Never compromise your integrity and your willingness to speak the truth.

You are already a fine example of one who knows much about what is sacred.

I have witnessed that in you, over and over again.

It is true, just to be in your presence elevates people. You really do whole-heartedly

show up.


Grow, stretch and challenge yourself… but never try to change the essence of who you naturally are.

It is one of Gods Greatest Gifts.