Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pilot G-2 07

I see you fine lady.

Your eyes from the ethers stare.

Tapping into the current, a psychic affair.

I have watched you for a while,

Your webbing straight and tight,

Psychedelic sourcing of the Divine Light.

Oh, the counsel you give,

Commanding your most loyal troops

Hoping they’ll jump through the hole in the loops.

Being produced and with style…

Inventing new methods by which to confer,

Leaving no stone unturned, striking ‘as it were’.

The stories have all been told.

You have come to realize the knot must be tied,

But first let the hem out of the pants to be tried.

We are finishing now, the last magical mile.

Garnish the wages, “Come on, we’re at war!”

We just can’t pretend it’s alright anymore.

Committing only to the Highest Destiny,

She wills the silver needle patiently through.

Intentions are woven into the Cosmic Stew.

So many matters to file,

Slipping in and out of consciousness she spends,

Reading to compute, the telling trends.

Casting a look forward and back…

We think it’s all personal, “Oh don’t be so blind.”

It is the magnificent unfolding of the Universal Mind.