Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forever Into Infinity

I saw a Turtledove peer down from the roof, toward the grapevine,..
withstanding the eager gaze of the cats below...

Then looking over I notice the Tree. I think about how it receives
from the world and its people. Its trunk firmly planted into the ground,
I watch its graceful delicate branches dance with the wind and I feel
how beautifully intimate this movement of breeze as it brushes the hair
across my face.
I remember all the times I was enveloped by that invisible touch, like the
gentile stroke of a loving Grandmother. I felt special to receive this loving adoration,..
even if it was invisible.
Thus, I was shown how to give a gentile touch to soothe an aching soul.
And I found myself moving, sort of unnoticed, swirling around the great Mother,
and then stopping at your bedside, friend...
I look upon your face and see a child of the Earth and Sky...
Ever so gently I lay down beside you to whisper words that will barely be heard
and perhaps not remembered,.. "I love you,..Forever into Infinity..."

My Heart beats out a steady rhythm of Truth...
I look over toward your eyes to find you sleeping,...
maybe dreaming of the kiss I place upon your forehead,..
"Good Night".

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