Wednesday, October 14, 2009


True Love can neither be created or destroyed... It just is.
Somehow we apply our stories to 'Love' to make a rationale or a romance.
We say, "This is Love or that is Love", because certain conditions are met.

I say to you, Love is the space around and through everything.
Love is our teacher , our parent, our friend...
Sometimes we realize Love through an encounter with an enemy.
Love is a Spirit that lingers and caresses and is willing to met us in the pit.
It reveals itself, eyes wide open and eyes shut tight.
It expresses itself and enters through our conscious expansion,
doors of our Self that we open. Alas, It moves through the
doors long ago locked tight, although we may be unable to recognize it, in the moment.

Love is inseparable from Life Experience.
And in the darkest hour, if we are still enough and open enough,
this Love can be felt as an unchanging Comfort and Peace
that sits in the center of the Heart..