Monday, October 19, 2009

What's Inside?

The wind is shifting, swirling around in all directions...
I know there is a purpose in all this. It is confusing and I do feel alone.
I am following my Heart and my intuition. That feels right.
I find a safe place within myself,..
like a building that has withstood much weather and many years.

I open the door to find it full of stuff I had stored there,.. for, I don't know, a long time.

I realize as I go to the piles and stacks that, my God ,

I have been carrying this around for so long I don't even notice it anymore.

I look at the room and you know, I just want a place to sit, to dance, to laugh and to cry.

So I examine what's inside. My body becomes soup of emotions,
that in time take wing into the sky getting smaller and smaller.

The stuff starts to disappear.
The room becomes empty.

I sit for a time and just feel the space, the emptiness...

Now I don't feel so alone in the space I have created for myself.

I paint rainbows and lots flowers,and some wild clouds.

There now I have a little table.

Got some sweet apple juice to share with you.

When you visit.


  1. Spacious, Gracious,
    Warm Interior...
    Beautiful Heart Space Sistor!

  2. Hey girls,
    I'd love to share my apple juice.
    I shall set the table for 3 then,..

  3. Mmmm...yippy!
    We can celebrate being..
    the apple of Gods eye!
    And too, you could...
    Take a choo-choo today,
    head New England way,
    And we'll put you in the happiest mood. with:
    Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy
    Makes your eyes light up,
    Your tummy say "Howdy."... :D

    'barph' How funny!

  4. And your twinkly toes all rowdy!

    An serve up a smoothie of sunshine and rocks
    No hold the rocks I meant Flowers!
    And little tiny cherries all on the bowers!
    To shine up ye palate
    and feel fresh and new-

    Apple juice toast! To you me and you!

  5. CHEERS!!!
    (hey, I feel we should have our sunshine and flower smoothie on the rocks...diamond, emerald and ruby rocks...woohoo!)


  6. Considering the choo-choo in the spring...
    You girls are great!