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When We Forget...

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Dear Jivan Mukta
Just reminding you with this email of what an enlightened being you are. Your writings are jewels that bless me every time I reread them.
Love you sister

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My Beloved Sister,

I have realized a useful tool in navigating our experience while
maintaining a state of integrity, if not enlightenment.
We simply need to ask the question,” What is my intention?"
There are several answers that may appear. First, the voice of the old
programmed self and its inherent methods, delusions and rationales.
Then, if we allow for liberating expansions, we are able to 'see' the truth
of the question and subsequent answers. We then enter a higher vibrational,
co-creative mode to "decide" what our intentions are.
Wow! And there you have it... The spider spins a new web for this day,
this experience... always willing to start over, to start new,
not attached to previous assumptions or expectations.
Yes, finally freed of our own stories.
How 'bout that? I am liberated from my own confining and limiting stories.

Sister, I am learning in my commitment to 'the blank page', meaning one that
has not been written yet, that Jivan Mukta Is a process by which we,
as Paul of the apostles would say, "…die to our old self each day.”
How very liberating indeed. It is like the molting of a bug or
the shedding of a snake’s skin.
The purpose is to make conditions right for new expansion and growth,
thus continuing on this sacred journey we have chosen.
I write to you knowing you are receiving precisely what you require and
in divine time.
I have no doubt that in the course of leaving our comfortable and familiar lives,
we have indeed embarked on a most holy of sojourns.
I reflect on the times we sat in ceremony with the ancients, receiving love
and encouragement.
That, my beloved, as you know, still continues.
Our distance is a bird song, delivered in delight and being received
as space and time bow down for its reception in the Heart of Hearts.
I could not wish for a greater friend and a truer experience of what love is.
Trust this divine process and be encouraged to humbly cut through all self-illusion
and spin an ever-changing web of holy strands to hold our beloved world
and all of mankind, our true family.