Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Quilt Of My Soul

The Quilt Of My Soul

It has certainly been like a patchwork quilt, this life of mine.

I always looked and felt for the finest material in a person or experience

to add it to my repertoire of patches to sew into this quilt I have known.

You know… there are spaces too, where fire singed the edges, where the tears took their place and where the stains of a careless soul left a deeply unpleasant mark on mine. Yes, on the quilt of my soul.

Still, I look at this quilt, a work in progress and sew a new day. I am pleased.

It may not be the finest quilt but it’s my quilt, my pieces…times when I was woven

into another’s experience and they into mine.

I have such a great love for this world and all the life contained in it.

The previous post was representative of that.

It was my desire to be a clear channel to assist others on their journey.

This morning, I realized it was also written for me. As strong as I am and as focused as I have been for humanity, the truth is I am so very tired… I feel broken and battered, like all I can see is the next mine field. And the hardest part is that these precious, sacred souls are depending on me to navigate this earthly reality.

And though I am known for my laughter and humor, the truth is that I too, am a sensitive soul. I search and I search. There are few who are free enough from addictions and programming to be a true measure of a great soul, one that could offer rest for a moment like a comforting lean on an old oak tree.


This moment I break open.

It’s raining...

O God

That sacred rain…

And I realize that plea was indeed for humanity, which includes me.

Yes, myself.


I ask to be calibrated to the Divine Rhythm through the guidance of strong and loving souls.

And I feel this group of souls whom I have not yet met, holding space for me…

because I am loved,

because I am worthy,

because I am Love…