Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cosmic Wave

The pendulums swing, each having their own rhythm… at first.

Slowly they sense one another… Awareness… Acknowledgment.

They begin to become synchronized, one affecting another and so on.

What is our rhythm? How broad is our reach? Are we holding to a true beat…

God- given?

Are we holding steady, so that others may calibrate through and to

the Rhythm?

For those who hold the Wisdom and so are truly free in Mind and Spirit… NOW is the time to center. Sit or stand straight when called to attention.

The human body is its own lightning rod… its own divine antenna. It is time now to receive the Cosmic Wave consistently for the next 10 days.

You know who you are. Let us meet the challenge.

It is why we came here… remember.

Yes, in that place of perfect peace beyond the apparent stories, there is much to receive for this world and for humanity. Be that open clear channel.

If not us, who?

See you on the inside, my beloved friends.

Now is the time.