Friday, June 17, 2011

Guru Nanak

He was a holy man... seemed to be born that way.
He had a passion for elevating mankind. Nothing could have
changed his heart about that. Thankfully his parents and later
his wife recognized that. They loved him enough to be able to let him go.

One particular time, he wandered into woods to meditate for three days.
When he came out he had something very important to say, " There is no Hindu.
There is no Mussalman." What he realized, so very long ago, was that man could never really
be free to live the fullness of life and love, if he was so committed to any ideology.
You see, Divinity- can not be adequately defined. It can be framed in a beautiful story and reinforced with rules and laws. Funny how we try to pin our ideas of God down or confine He-She-It to a ritual or a book. I feel God is the experience. I believe there is no place or space where It is not. It does seem that especially in the still, empty moments, Divinity is.
We must move past our addictive thoughts, beyond our patterns of being and behaving
to begin to receive What is freely offered. That tunes us. That frees us. Our deliberate unconditioning, puts us in the condition to be open and receptive to much more
than most Humans realize. For brief moments we become what we seek. How divine.
And is there no better way to know Truth? To merge with Love... to become
a conduit of Love. In the Ultimate, we are the noun, the verb, the subject... we are the spaces between the words, the paper upon which all is written. We come to know the pen of God and the divine ink that runs through our breath and bones. Then it is as though we feel Gods hand touching us. We feel Gods hand expressed in our own. If I could make a wish for the world
and all the life that dwells upon it... i ask that we all have the experience of God pulsing through the ordinary, making it miraculous, making it wonderful and making us *One*
Can you feel that?