Tuesday, August 31, 2010

That Cat!

He spends most nights in Rocky's trailer.
Apparently mine is too small for him.

A group sat on the porch Monday morning. Cat found a cute spot.
I asked Jim, "Exactly what would my cat have to do to get us evicted?"

He said that he does not really want him in his barn/house,
too many collectibles.
Naturally every chance he gets, cat tries to sneak in there.

Jim had his finished and ready hot rod displayed at the porch.

While we were chatting, getting ready to send Jim off on a journey...


A Ztops Fable; The Cat And The Cars

Well, once there was a charming cat born into this world

just to be Love and to be loved.

From the Publix parking lot he was chosen from 6 brothers and sisters.

Lady Love raised him and so… well… the love piece gets exponential.

Never the less, the two found their way to a forested hide-a-way,

cars and trailers and two fine gentleman.

The cat loved the cars with a passion he had ever known.

Alas this had to be kept secret for he knew the humans would not understand.

Similarly, the cars so loved the cat.

You see, although they had been appreciated, until cat arrived

they had not been fully and completely loved.

Ne'er a soul had bowed to the pedals and advanced a soft whiskery cheek along the edges,

so sweetly.

Ne'er a soul had pressed claws into the cloth covered cushions,

courting, calling, coaxing, ”Come closer…to me. ”

Ne'er a soul had lain upon the brow of the windshield watching wistfully the world,

breathing majestically into the metal, making love so subtly no one would notice.

Ne'er a soul had sniffed the wheels, drawing in a perfume to ignite the spirit

sending it spinning along a road of devotion, galvanized time,

wiggling whiskers, and fluffing fur.

And so the tale ends where it began…you having a key to my heart.

moral of the story; let love reign