Monday, August 2, 2010

Beaming Forth

So in 1999 timing was ripe for Global catastrophe. It was averted.

Enough consciousness beaming forth made the shift from global to more localized events.

Yes it was manageable, gifting us more time to realize, to grow in even more awareness.

Kinda like the interaction between the heavy dewdrop succumbing to the sobering pull of gravity. Then, the warm rays of the Sun steadily interact with the dewdrop,
dissipate it and transform one potential reality into another.

The drop never happens (or it occurs as a much smaller drop with much smaller consequences). To feel the dance of elements is the reason we have taken on these human forms and
to realize that we are not only the receivers, we are also the waves.

Higher and lower conditions confront one another, effect each other,
interacting, sometimes merging to find a balance point.
No more question, just an agreeable peace for an event we all know.
Let us live it consciously.

We have resources, ' higher help', intercessors if you will.
Yes, IF we Will.

Let us become conscious of it. Let us command peace and stability.

Let us radiate Love. This is why we have come here now.

Broadcasting from ground Zero?,

a matter of the Heart,