Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ride

I joined the boys for a chat in front of the garage.
The mood was relaxed, the air strangely cool, no clouds in the sky.
Jim gets the feel,"It's a perfect night for a ride."
So they ask, "Have you taken 'The Ride' yet?"
I am a little confused and curious.
I gratefully accept the invitation, "Just so long as it's not the final ride."

Jim disappears into his house. I am noticing the picture has changed.
The noises have stilled. There is a strange vibe in the air.
It appears as though everything is waiting for something to happen.
I could feel it. The dog could feel it.
Then the sound of 1933 reverberating through the blue; the blue fenders,
the blue skies, the blue eyes that time has loved.

At this point the intellectual logical side yields to
a grand experience combusting it's way into our conscious convergence.
The ride takes us, completely.

Yeah, "Let's preserve this moment..."

Secret roads that have evaded modern maps reveal a passage,
slipping through realities and riding on them like waves.
The faces wear grins that are stuck in awe at this humble adventure.

Rocky and Nappy share the 'rumble seat' and a drink.

Deeper in we travel. It seems the roads were made to loose and confuse
the mental monitor. Yes, uncharted territory not what I had previously imagined.
Trust me... twas truly beyond.

Giant oaks guard a hidden house.

Then we arrive at the next hidden house.
Serpents congregate on the porch enjoying the aroma of stale rat.
In the following hours we tumble through a vortex unharmed and slightly amused.

Our ride carries us home upon the dimly lit roads
that hint at the vibrational truth of a reality bending
Good Night.