Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling The Love

This guy plays several different instruments.

Jim rolls his 1933 Ford out of the living room to create a space for the stage
and dance floor.

Just getting warmed up...

Jim's girlfriend Nancy, grooving to the music.

Arley on the drums.

Here is Jim greeting Kim. This woman can sing!

The boys are getting fired up.

They played for hours into the evening.
I stopped dancing long enough to make
some videos and take some pictures.

I said, "Jim do you know anyone who can help me put a string on my guitar?"
So he invited a few people over and they invited a few people
and I never did get my guitar strung. I danced until they quit playing.
In all the vibrational joy, everything felt right with the world.
Maybe the key is to dance and make music.
I'm going to keep testing that hypothesis.