Sunday, September 19, 2010

If you love something, set it free.

One hour away from point of reunion I have a tire blowout.
i had just reduced speed to 60 mph. Nearly crashed.
I sat in the car realizing I had cheated death.
Well, if one must cheat...

Finally Patrick arrives to help change tire.
In the next 30 minutes I would be attacked by vicious ants,
have a tire iron thrown onto my foot and sit on sharp little wires sticking out of the
ripped up tire.

Then my friend Patrick would ask me , "Are you sure you're not actually blond?
The reason you couldn't get your keys out is because you were still in drive."
Then, with beads of sweat seeping through his porous puss,
he asked (somewhat arrogantly) "Do you think you could have changed this tire?
See sometimes it's good to have a man around."

I know he's trying to annoy me but I am just so happy to be alive
and my boy(Calsifer), he's waiting for me.

Anyway it's obvious he is still upset that I consistently outshoot him with his own


Well, he keeps eating and purring and giving
mucho kisses and cuddles.
Slept through the night beside his mama.
Did his little, " I feel good...da da da da...
knew that I would now..." rollover.
Today we make it the rest of the way to our hideaway.

Oh um Rocky... Remember what we agreed to, if God
brought Calsifer back into our lives?
He can't wait to see his Papa!
Takes a village, ya know.