Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fifty Years of Beautiful

Maureen's Celebration

Gathering the girls

Bek and Bly

Will and Adrian stop in for birthday hug and kiss... and food.

Jeannie bakes the cake.

Fire and Fancy

Ceremonial sword for cutting cords and cake.

Will and I

Caroline is hearing me say, the new home didn't work out.
Cat is coming home to snuggle.
Yep, the sweet lady said, "He just isn't happy."
I received that phone call as I pulled into Moes yard after a 4 hour drive South.
Caroline said with a big smile, "See I told you he'd be back...I knew it!"
So Caroline and I have a sleep over, watch her favorite movie at midnight (Titans)
and one a 8 am next morning(Blindside). Twas great Lina! xo
Then I head North to get the boy, Calsifer.