Friday, September 10, 2010

A Gift Of Spirit

September 10 2010

There are few words left, mostly letters and symbols now,

the all-seeing eye of Horus,

the OM symbol,

a Z floats by undulating to the rhythm of crickets and frogs.

A ‘C’ turned sideways becomes a cup.

What will it contain?

The dark of the moon is a circle hidden, waiting to be impregnated and

illuminated with light.

A seed breaks open. The root goes down while the stem moves up,

Anchored to ascend … and so I am.

Words pasteurized, sold to the undernourished proclaiming to tell the truth.

Truth distilled from a soup of experience and emotions lies lightly on the ground,

a white feather resting for a moment until the next wind moves it.

Has the rain soaked the scalp? The red ant crawls up the thigh unaware the tent has been zipped up for the night… Shared experience is always in the making.

I try to tell you what is true, “Pee in a jar, that way the mosquitoes won’t bite your butt.” Alas, it is I and I alone who rests on the earthen soil, listening to the woodland chorus, spying stars through the silhouetted trees that watch over this strange soul.

How many times have I bowed down to a mossy rock,

pressing my lips and nose into the velvety green, inhaling the intoxicating perfume?

I could never tire of that experience.

Coming upon a patch of berries makes me smile to salivation.

Who will share this simple life with me?

I can tell you about ‘What’ I am unto eternity but of this skin I have donned, time passes quickly, sand moving through a narrowed space of inoculated moments.

Who is this woman that lays to rest by starlight with large red ants that visit into the night? And what of this sacred human experience gifted unto thee?

I shall NO longer be stricken with a cause, confounded by careful calculations,

fearful of entanglements, nor threatening to remove the fragile self from the web altogether.

No more desire or ‘duty’ to regurgitate the voice, which beats not upon an eardrum.

We have eternity to be ‘what’ we are… we have only a short time to be Human.

“Rise to the moment!” the lucid vibration translates

as my blood and breath pulses through the network,

communicating with all it touches, carrying life, an eternal record,

fragmented pieces that vibrate in unison,

delivering the sweetness of existence…shared.