Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Following The Beat Of The Drum

Well, after securing my cat in a comfy air-conditioned trailer with a conscious cat lover,
I headed south to tie up some lose ends ( like putting another used engine in my truck).

Spent first night with Caroline, shared good company and music on the sailboat next day
and then spent the next night with Maureen. We had a beautiful fire until the biting flies drove us inside. Tonight I drive to Pembroke Pines to spent night with sister, Noelle.
(Here I come Nelly, hide the Oreos!)

"Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose...Nothin' aint worth nothin' but it's free"

Yeah so... i keep asking myself, "what am I doing?"

And even though I can't seem to find a true direction, I notice that i am driven 'In' ...
always feeling what this "letting go of " is about.
I stopped in a cigar shop this a m and noticed they looked like the mafia,
well dressed with shiny Italian leather shoes. They had jobs and agendas.
They smoke to feel, to take a moment to register where they are ... or to forget ...
not sure really but they have a club ...
Fine cigars are like fine wine to be savored and enjoyed,
apparently and if it doesn't kill you.

I am feeling like a drifter, inconsequential... somewhat out of place in the city...

The fire last night was on a small piece of property that feels like old Florida
but I could hear the hum of engines and noise of life reminding me I haven't really left yet.
By the weekend I'll return to the property in north Florida.
It is surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful pastures and trees...
I have a little airstream to stay in and plenty of land to put up a tent...
I met Rocky, a retired gentleman, while listening to some great pickin' on Saturday night.
Next morning i called him and we arranged for me to see the property
where he and owner live. He called back real quick and said,
"I forgot to mention there are no flush toilets in the trailers."
Well... Something told me I had to go see anyway. The vibe was sweet!
The owner is a fascinating man who restores very old cars and makes art out of copper.
We three stood in a circle for an hour.
It was the most conscious conversation i have had in a while.
They showed me a bigger trailer and Jimmy the owner said,
"A hippy- gypsy stayed here a while back, You remind me of her."
I'll do some work on it and move in after.
It's got a kitchen table and a rusty model A outside the front door. Sweet!
There seemed to be a spirit bond and a genuine appreciation for the moment
and I was shown the private out door flush toilet and shower off the porch of the barn that Jimmy lives in.
The shower water is even heated! Wow. Truly, I was so grateful...
They kayak the rivers by moon light and honor the mystery and solitude of the place...
This will be my home for a while. Rocky agreed to watch cat.
Calsifer has his own room in the trailer till i get back.
He came out of the cat cage and felt right at home,
displaying all the body language of, " Thank God I have arrived."
Can't wait to walk with him in the woods. That will be a first.
I am sure I'll learn a few things from the cats perspective.
The biggest bonus/ Gift is the well water.
It is as sweet and pure as the water, 800 feet below, in the Jemez Mts.
I so appreciate the time to get to know the two souls who live so close to the Earth.
I am a bit tired and I finally can say, that I am looking forward to being still for a while.

Ps. Wisdom tooth happy again