Friday, July 30, 2010

Engine Work

Thirty tears ago in Ekalaka, Montana the V W demanded some attention.
I always loved to work on them cause they were made mechanic friendly.
Remember the valve covers had a metal clip to hold 'em on.

I was 16, a runaway sleeping in cars, tents and under bridges (Sacramento, Ca).

Funny how life brings us back around to teach us again from a new angle,
a 'dangangle'.

Well this morning Mike and I used this hoist to pull engine out of truck.
I was filling in for Jeff as he was sleeping off residuals from the night before.

Here are some common degreasers and cleaners. A must have at all progressive
( or regressive) shops. Well, darn if the fly wheel did not match up to the torque converter at Tranny. So I grabbed both fly wheels and headed out to find Rich. He'll know what to do.

Years ago I sought out Rich, the neighborhood mechanic, to ask his opinion on a job
I was paying to have done, replacing ball joints or something.
We became friends and ... o k the truth...I just wouldn't leave till he agreed to help me
replace a spider gear at the rear end of my Suburban.
Then months later I over heated and cracked a head....HHhhhh
So we did a little scavenging in a local junk yard. They were some fine memories
(for me anyway- Rich tries to forget he knows me).
So when I pulled up today and found him on his several lots of old chevy cars
and parts and equipment... Well, he was not smiling.

I said, "Wait! I just need to have a quick conversation with you about fly wheels."
He didn't have a chance to say, "No! I don't have time. Please leave."
I explained that we just spent 3 hot hours pulling and engine and
I was wearing the grease to prove it.

My options ;
1) 100 bucks to order new fly wheel wouldn't arrive till Monday or
2) go to junk yard take apart engines till i find right one (nah...) or
3) SOMEONE could weld holes shut, hole punch using other flywheel as template
and drill new holes out.

" Listen you know these guys can't do that. Would you do it?" I asked ...
I am laughing cause he wanted to say no but my sorry smelly sweating self...
well, I guess it was obvious I needed a little help. So I pick it up at 8 tonight.
He is a great friend.

Tomorrow at 7 am we start, putting other engine in and putting it all back together.
I insisted on new plugs and wires. That can only help, right?
Mike rolled his eyes and and used a power tool to give me one. It broke in half.
So I am thinking its a good call getting new ones.
So much easier to replace when and engine is hanging from the hoist.
Woo Hooo ! new plugs, new wires... Watch it, world, here I come!

Truthfully, I going to ask Santa Baby for a donkey and cart.
I am over dealing with grease.