Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Touch One

Let me tell you what I think about Love because it is just too beautiful not to share...

I think we are born into this human earth body for a reason.
I think if we are lucky, we learn to feel the love of our mother.
( If the child is not staring at the source of nourishment,
it is gazing into the eyes of the mother.)
And if the mother is really present, she is smiling back into the eyes of that child.
This is our first important communication.

Drink Deeply.

Then, it is the hands.
Oh God, the tender touch of the hand.
At first, the child's grasp is so very tightly closed into a fist.
This loving mother, she patiently wiggles her loving finger into that closed fist.
The child's hand opens to hold the mother's finger.

That's all it can handle, at first.

Now the child is receiving felt messages from that finger,
sensing the little movements divinely in sync with the smiling eyes.
The nursing pauses because that tiny infant senses another kind of nourishment,
translated through the touch of the hand.

Along the arm, she gently strokes the child.
The child instinctively strokes and holds the breast,
a touch so eloquent, so profoundly expressing
the nourishment of Love.

We lay together, sometimes tired, sometimes energized.
We are here, together.

The spiritually evolved will tell you of One God, One Spirit and One Being.
Connect with that Oneness in yourself the great teachers will try to convince others
and themselves.

And there is Truth in that.

Yet, our humanness, our passion,
brings us, again and again,
to that longing...
for touch...
for that connection,
that frankly, no government, no religion could ever
regulate, organize or extinguish...
because In-touch is Eternal and is hidden
in the very basic of Being.

And no, I do not need to physically touch you
to feel your Presence.

Just give me a chance, though, my Love,
and the Heavens will instantaneously become realized.

Come closer...

with that beating Heart...

and those smiling eyes...

and the telling

of the greatest Treasure

will be heard and felt

to the ends of the Earth.