Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After Midnight

Two friends come over...

"It's late, take my bed," I said.

Shyly she replies,"Don't worry, we won't..."

I smiled, "OH!... I'd be only so blessed."

I offer up my bed.

Sometime in the night, my two friends become lovers.

No doubt that bed rejoices to host such a celebration...long awaited.

For all the passion that flows through my heart and soul,
my bed waits silently, night after night...
listening to a single heart beating and a solitary breath...

Sometimes after midnight, I can be still no longer.

The bed senses a stirring as passion begins to swell.

I reach over and wrap my fingers around this pen
and the dance begins.

The light turned on... the bed falls back into slumber,
knowing one day, the pen will be forsaken
and the candle lit... while I turn over and into another...
between the sheets, suspended on springs that have
patiently waited to hear the lovers song
spring from my own lips...