Monday, April 11, 2011

Into The Darkness A Little Light Grows


Procedure…precedent… pro se.

Dissenting opinions...

Don’t worry, it’s o. k.

Motions and notions

Silent devotions

A tragic tear

she sews

Global disgrace… qualified case

Valuable on it’s face

The Stewart says,” but I’ll know it when I see it.”


Try as I might

this midland flight

has few bearings

by which to steer.

The awful smut

swings from lawful rebut.

We trust he will have ears

to hear.

Desensitized population,

a demoralized nation,

pray tell, what is left

to fear?

Indecision… appellate revision,

Second coming…When?

They fear the mister,

while awaiting the Master, then.

Too few who will take a stand.

Into the ethers I reach for the Hand,

that dictates and delivers.


Veritas Lux Mea