Friday, April 15, 2011

Blessed Rain

In the wee hours the rain came.

I stumbled from my humble bed

Into the darkness to be wet

Once Again

And as the liquid fodder taps

My mind gifts, a conscious lapse

In Time

Spun into a quiet place

Enveloped in a loving embrace

O’ God

There I know all is well

Separation is but a silly spell

I’m Here

The laughter is the thread that sews

Conscious deliverance through the prose

Of Life

Wondering if you feel it too…

There is no question that you do

My Love

For now it is alone I dance

Finding blessings in this chance

To Feel

1 comment:

  1. “Who is it?” they ask,
    a man… far away perhaps?”

    “Maybe he is very near.”
    “Please,” they plead, “you must be clear!”

    “Tell us is he dark or is he light…”
    “Does he sing into the night?”

    “Do you have a picture we can see?”
    “Does he stand strong like a tree?”

    O K Girls, if you will promise to let me be
    I will tell you and you will see.

    My Beloved rests undefined
    Though once upon me, his light did shine.

    Were it in a dream or real?
    I know only what I Feel.

    Though I am content to carry on alone,
    He is destined to pull the sword from stone

    Then he will find me and we shall meet.
    Taste the fullness of life, the bitter and the sweet.