Friday, December 17, 2010

The Cabinet

Sweet orange tree outside my window.

Tucked away in a quiet back yard.

Morning Sun comes through my window.

The Cabinet.

December 16, 2010

Well, hello there.

I hope this message finds you appreciating your current reading, what ever that may be. No worries, it is all temporary. Yep, just weather passing through.

The apple computer is cold to the touch and quite the contrast to my hot cup of jasmine green. It is warming up today as the Canadian air withdraws. Just wondering how many souls made zygotious entry on that penetrating stream of air?

Hum, that information is top secret and only those undercover may access any real experience of the truth of the matter.

Funny how one really requires a partner for certain events to unfold…

Well, enough of that.

So I was sitting with my friend Gurunam, her foot in my hand. We were catching up on life. I was telling her about this rat that had apparently made a home in the R V that I am renting. Yeah, his little sounds of navigation squeezing through the slim passages, an occasional dance on the roof above my head and the disturbingly visual reality of his decision to use the bathroom cabinet for his nightly deposits. You know, I was raised in the 60’s and communal living is very natural to me, true enough, but that cabinet is the same one that stores the mason jars that contain my nightly outpouring and frankly that was just… too intimate.

My landlord put a little poisonous green chunk in there. I went to work and could not accept being an accomplice to this murder. Later, I went in to retrieve the poison … and that is when I noticed the teeth marks already into it. Hhhh.

SO I shut the cabinet and shut the bathroom door and huddled in my 3 blankets fully clothed, gloves, jacket, wool socks (a window was missing in the R V) and just as I was drifting to sleep, I heard the frantic scratching of my rat companion at the door of the bathroom. Yes…. frantic scratching of a poisoned and dying rat. Truly, being an empath, experiences like this are NOT pleasant.

Then I went mental thinking that if I managed to fall asleep, I would later wake and not remembering, open that door and either be attacked by that rat or step on his limp dead body, neither of which I could bear the thought of.

So, recalling the torment doled out in Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart”, I in 30 degree weather left the ice box, death chamber R V and actually slept quite well in a warm room painted dragonfly green.

The rat has not returned. I never saw his dead body. And I was telling Gurunam that I felt a small ache at the absence of his nightly sounds, “In a strange way, he was company,” I spoke softly. At this she laughed in an obnoxious volume, bringing me abruptly out of my ‘feeling’ state…

She Said, “Suzette, when you start seeing a rat as ‘company’, it’s time to move on!” (Then more obnoxious laughter). I do see her point of view but I ask, “If we are all one, then beady eyes, pointed whiskery nose and sneaky clandestine behaviors in darkness, would not disqualify one from the ONE.

Id- “And I don’t give a rats ass if anyone of you can't get that!”

Ego… “And I do believe that the rat gave his life for you to understand that…”

Super-Ego- “And the rat brought certain gifts of awareness that are just beginning to be realized.”

Well, I am not crazy…only when measured against ‘normal’ standards.

Have a prolific experience,