Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Sacred Journey

In the silence, in the empty moments, there is Love...swirling, twisting,
twirling, bending...bursting into this space... and my beloved I see your face.
I remember our laughter. Yes, i remember ... eyes wet with tears...
I can still feel how you touched me... and a gentle half breath leaves my lips...
Does it find its way to your ear? Encoded in its deliverance,
" Thank you... I will always love you..."

So we meet another time, you and I.
Gurunam, you have been a trusted friend and a guiding light.
I lay before you on the table as you place the tender hands of God on my body...and what i feel is poetry, is music.
It is the brightest purest Light and it encompasses us, a union, a gift from Spirit.
I break the silence to tell you of the Love i am feeling...
but you already know.
And you pray a prayer of all good things for me and that God continue
to be with this wandering soul.
You assure me there is no wrong path as I walk with God.
I Love you, my friend.
You tell me, " You always have a place with me..."
And you really feel it and so i receive the gift of encouragement
to live true to my Heart, trusting my intuition.
Blessed friend, we could never be apart.

Oh my Heather Feather, Peacock Feather! Kindred wandering soul.
Your new journey is about to begin... Our time together is filled with the honor
and intensity of realizing 'this moment' IS what we have. I have shared so much with you.
Makes me smile.
The time we sat transfixed on the edge of my bed watching the ducks out my window.
All we could see was the sporadic winged delight jetting out from the tall grass.
Awkward, the movement yet full of passionate creation. Faster and faster the wings flew,
the grins growing on our faces. "Ok this is it, can you feel it?" I ask. "Yes!" you squeal.
Then stillness... silence. Our hearts are beating faster. The ducks emerge into the open.
I thought it was beautiful that you and I fed the 15 ducklings together yesterday morning,
with big smiles.

I love your devotion to God, your passion for people and service. I love your free spirit.
Our last ceremony, two old grandmothers showed up for us. ;-) Peacock Feather and Lu Lu.
They stayed with us 3 days and nights. Our only directive was to tune in to the moment
and I will always remember the wisdom and guidance
that was shared in that timeless space
draped in time.
Sister, words are required less and less since then.
Our trusted, true expression to one another,
" It is vibrationally understood"
and what an honor, indeed.

You were weeks old when you found your way into our lives. I treated you like a son.
I still refer to you, when speaking to the kids, as " your Brother". You held the space for love to grow and flourish. We made a home together. You would always join us by the fire. And when
we moved you helped in your own beautiful way. Yesterday after Heather left, you came to me while I napped pushing you wet nose under the pillow to find my lips. This is where we meet, under the pillow in the cloth cave we have created. I think of our parting and I feel sad...
even though we have had an agreement from the beginning- to appreciate each moment while it is given to us... and we have...done that. I thought that would make it easier...
no, only more heart felt. And so I bury my nose in your furry chest
and I hug you... a long deliberate hug... like there will be no tomorrow...feeeeeling the Love.
Then you bite me hard on the cheek, bringing me immediately into present moment awareness... And for a moment I think maybe I can live without you.