Sunday, April 11, 2010

Confessions of a Fool

So Yesterday before I had to go into work,
Rebekah (my daughter) and I were laying in bed
giggling. She was apparently trying to enlighten the 'Fool',
Me. You know things like;

1. lol means 'laugh out loud' not 'lots of laughter'.
2. She told me when I put stars around my posted words
it makes me look insane...(who would have thought?)
3.When I CAPITALIZE my words it is like ,(and she did annoyingly demonstrate),
4. She said, some things I should keep to myself...(?)
5. You know things like... how I run out side to get rained on,
how I hear answers to my own questions,
how I sometimes dance to music only I can hear,
well the list goes on and on...
6. So I explained to her, between our delightful dialogue, that I considered
and tend to believe what I blog may come true.
( power of intention or delusions of grandeur? ...
who cares... but we did set out to find out)

The Experiment

A plan was quickly devised. In the last post,
"Starry Night" was about picking the winning lottery numbers.
I would post then we would go buy the winning ticket.
Well, we set out in her old Ford convertible and bought a ticket.

:-) it was fun. I fell asleep before the drawing.
She did not bother to wake me up...
She does have a lot of Heart...

7. Sometimes I ask silly questions like " Did we win?"

*8* Just so you know, I AM a believer, a 'feeler' of GREAT things! Can't help it... Just is.
God must have been stoned or in some sort of Love bliss when he put my gears, springs and spacers In. TRUST ME it was Gods work... Have an issue with it? TALK TO HIM!
Like anyone really cares hahahah!!! i mean lol