Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Face Of The Beloved

The Face Of The Beloved
by Suzette Laux

We travel through darkened nights 
and find our way into rainbow lights…
more learned for having pitch and sway, 
embarking on each new day…
And we pause to consider what it means, 
threads of emotion sowing the scenes.

We reach the greet oak, spent and lost,
 asking again about the cost…
of Love like a shadow, on top we leap, 
realizing again we cannot not keep….
when the wind winds about our face, 
enveloping us in a loving embrace…

In that moment our souls retreat, 
from worldly things that appear to defeat
and bring us to the truth of Light… 
the Beloved, dear one, is always in-sight.
Our search may bring us to persons new…
in every face, God is true…

Past the conditions and playful stakes, 
God rests gently for us to take.
An Action of Divine Love 
is the currency helping us to rise above,
this Earth life's tireless gravity,
 welcoming Love in all we see…

So my Beloved, I feel you near, 
to a place of grace this ship we steer…
picking up passengers 'tis our delight… 
preparing each soul for the dark of night.
Where we find in the Great Emptiness, 
the gentle touch of God's Blessed Kiss.


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  1. Oh my God!!!
    this is beautiful. I love it and you just inspired me again ...
    to keep trying
    and again and
    Love you!