Saturday, August 4, 2012

Calsifer, Forever in my Heart.

Love Undercover 101.2

We need our separate space, you and I...
but our cuddle time, it's like rain to a wanting garden.

Come close... It will be our secret this fine cloth cave.
Your tender nudges send me coasting on rhythmic waves of Purrr.

"Tis Destiny." my gentle strokes denote.
"Furr Surre, " his thought wave agreed, "You be Rumi and I,
Shams of Tabriz."

"You will leave me, never to return? " say I.

Raising his chin, he projects, " You will realize, I have been within you all along."


  1. August 28 was the last time I saw Calsifer.
    He was an extraordinary Spirit. All who knew him still grieve. He has learned the Art of Shapeshifting into may other forms of Life. :-)

  2. ... y e s ... thank you ... greetings from werner