Monday, February 6, 2012

Going No Where

Sometimes I feel like I am going nowhere.

I think about that, my life measured by a collection

of rocks and feathers...

A while back Jim said, “Come on, lets go out to No Where.”

I hesitated, then I thought, “Why not,

I should bravely and consciously investigate

this 'not' place and see what it is about."

We arrived after a journey through green pastures and winding roads.

They were magical miles with many memories steeping through the

leafy trees, riding on rays of starlight that presumptuously infiltrated my pupils

to find their way to my rods and cones…

and I succumbed to the meeting and the electrical impulses

that traveled along boney back.

So I became ready to see with old eyes opened new,

to the reality of going no where.

I found cars and a bar and many stars that spangled the brains

of the belonging.

There were assorted cylinders and venders and ruthless avengers...

the stories sought and bought, a market place of mistakes and retakes

and a sign that pointed to a truth.

I wondered why I was no where, this moment, when a smiley face

answered in this case and I couldn’t help but smile back.

So we took a hike, to see what we like, getting to know one another

in great appreciation. We asked the questions and listened

to the answers.

Twas not the words we heard, more the melody.

I watched him hang upside down and I felt, that was just right…

for him.

He reminded me how we manage through mischief

and lead with laughter.

I told him, that he was greater

than he knew.

We shared a long genuine hug, then touching my heart

I said to him,” No Where is Now Here,” and he smiled.