Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reflections and Refraction

The Grinch Who Stole Love

( not because he wanted it for himself,

No… He just wanted to keep it from others.)

Yeah, he took the soil

and blew off the rain.

But Love was insistent,

refusing to refrain.

He’d sit and he’d sit,

his legs crossed in despair,

wanting to take it all,

refusing to share.

Ah, a gentler mood

on his palate would wait,

Mind you, not for him to swallow,

rather to be vomited as bait.

Flock around him they did,

“What an enlightened soul,”

while the energies funneled down

into his little black hole.

Feed him, it did…

a claw clutched breast.

At the bleeding nipple,

secretly he would jest.

Rationales he had.

His own stories were shot,

where he, himself, was

the Hero, Villain and Plot.

Nothing held sacred

among these earthly props.

Defecating on what’s most precious,

no intention to stop.

Alas, a little birdie

with his tale twisted right,

stood on the barb-wired wall,

many days and one long night.

“I know just what to do,”

he chuckled and choked,

“I’ll become his mirror image

and ride in on smoke.”

“I’ll ride past his lips,

cold and shrewd.

Down his long throat,

I’ll descend like the dew."

“I’ll penetrate his lungs,

infiltrating the life giving sacs.

He won’t see the deceit

or have feeling of the facts.”

“He’ll accept me, you know…

even take pleasure in this.

Remember, I am disguised as himself,

delivering a most karmic kiss.”

Expressed for the lost parts of our Self,

fallen away from Love.